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Last updated: 2010, July 22

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Hilton Homeplace
John A
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Hilton Home Place History
HiltonHomePlaceShows/ 80 pages
Hilton Home Place Shows
Display of Pottery
Part of Sybils Display
Some Baskets Made by Teresa Jarrett Used For Decorations
Checking Prizes For Drawing.
Bob, John and John's Sister Dot
Checking Out Customers
A View Of Customers And The Home Place
2005 Show. The Show Goes On Rain or Shine.
The Show Was The Weekend of Hurricane Tammy.
Part Of Judy's Display
Customers Checking Out.
Enjoying A Free Cup Of Cider and Cookies
Customers Shopping
Hot Cider, Cookies, And Give-a-Ways.
The Rain Has Stopped
Customers in Bob's Gallery
Sybil Talking to Friends
Customers Shopping
Hilton Home Place Shows
Hilton Home Place Shows
Hilton Home Place Shows
Part of Judy Petrie's Display
Bob Looking Over John's Pots
John and Bob
Bob and John Hilton
Bob,s Gallery Ready For Show
John Looking Over Hilton Heritage Display
Bob and Sister Linda Getting Ready For Show
Display of Hilton Heritage Pottery
Display Hilton Heritage Pottery and Dolls
Display Hilton Heritage Pottery and Dolls
Sybil Talking to Mac, a Fellow Potter
Part of Sybil's Display
Bob With The Hilton Heritage Display.
Bob Looking At Work Being Done Before The 2007 Show.
Getting Everything Ready
Setup Day About Over.
Taking A Break
Looks Like We are Ready.
Just About Ready
John Talking to Customers.
Checking Over Setup On Friday
Where Is Everyone We Still Have More to Setup.
Just Starting Setup.
Inside Bob's Gallery
B.R. Hilton Gallery
We Need Parking Space
More Decorations
Getting the Decorations Setup
Sybil at Treadle Wheel
Sybil Demonstrating At The Treadle Wheel
Bob Checking Out Customers.
Time to Relax. 2008
Family and Friends Get Togather After Setup on Friday. 2008
After Friday's Setup Family and Friends Enjoy a Meal. 2008
Enjoying The Good Food With Friends and Family. 2008
Relaxing After Fridays Setup. 2008
Enjoying a Visit With Friends. 2008
John Relaxing After Fridays Meal. 2008
Part Of Sybil's Display. 2008
More Display. 2008
Customers Enjoying A Free Cup of Hot Cider.
Judy Petrie's Cameo Display. 2008
More of Judy's Cameo Work. 2008
A Visit With Friends.
PhotosbyMelanyDawnCrouse/ 17 pages
Photos by Melany Dawn Crouse Photography (
Photo by Melany Dawn Crouse
Judy Petrie's Cameo work
Face Jug Photo by Melany Dawn Crouse
Photo by Melany Dawn Crouse Photography
Bob Hilton and Sybil Hedspeth
Photo by Melany Dawn Crouse Photography.
Display of John Hiltons pottery
Bob with son Robert
Bob turning a pot
John Hiltons Pottery Rabbit
Sybil Demonstrating at Treadle Wheel
Sybil Demonstrating
Sybil turning a pot.
Bob Turning a Swirl Pot
Bob Turning a Swirl Pot.
Newly Turned Pots Drying.
ProcessingLocalDugClay/ 12 pages
Processing Locally Dug Clay
The Clay Shed
Loading Hammered Clay to be Screened
Sybil and John Screening Clay
John Getting Out the Screened Clay
Bob Checking Clay Mixer
Grinding and Mixing Clay
Bob Loading the Hopper on Pug Mill
John Running The Walker Pug Mill
Removing The Clay From The Pug Mill
John Bagging Puged Clay
Sybil Bagging Clay and Bob Running the Pug Mill